Who Am I And What Is This Weblog All About?


Yes, there is no photo and real name of mine, only a pen-name Knowell. I am an average Filipino and at the time of writing this page, it is December 2010 and I am 43 years old.

I have a strong appreciation for art and science, and a serious truth seeker. My passion for art and science was not fully materialized due to financial constraints brought about by hasty demise of my father. On the other hand, my interest in seeking enlightenment and truth continues up to my present-day profession.

On a more personal level, I am working for more than ten years now as an administrative staff in various contracting firms in the Middle East. During this period, I remain unmarried and absorbed to my career, and beleaguered by the excessive perspiration of my extremities. Interestingly, I am not really bothered being a homosexual, but by this pesky sweating. Such health condition contributed to my aloofness and timely quest for inner alignment, and not mere healing or inspiration.

It is still fresh in my mind when I boarded an aircraft and almost everybody around never failed to notice the stinking perspiration right from the boarding up to the arrival gate. I still remember fixing into my mind quitting and never to attend any worship services at all. And those memorable fast food dilemmas, when embarrassment prompted me to quickly gobble up my noodles; how can I really forget how “fast” those foods were.

I have to admit that indeed it made me unhappy and lonely most of the times, and left me with unfulfilled feelings; took over and ruined my social life. And if you have the same sweating problems, I am pretty sure you understand what I mean.

Let us face it; they really do not understand our situation. You can read from most of them that we are careless and untidy with our body. And worst, they do not understand how hard we try not to be branded as untidy.

A philosopher named Epicurus quoted that the key to happiness are freedom, examined life and friendship. And I believe because of our condition, reaching this “friendship” goal is indeed a tough end. We are indefinitely trapped to this awkward position, if we will allow it and not do something about it.

And this blog is what it is all about.  That is, forming our circle of friends RIGHT HERE in this site. I purposely created this as a virtual support group in a worldwide range so that even the clammiest person in the remotest part of the world can partake in this relieving endeavor. THIS WILL LEAD INTO FORMATION OF TANGIBLE HH GROUPS WHICH CAN REPRESENT HH CONCERNS.

For those individuals who share my condition, I invite you to reach out and live our tagline BREAKING THE BARRIER TOWARD FREEDOM, ENLIGHTENMENT, AND EXPANSION.

And if I missed or wrongly placed any location into one main group category, I humbly admit I am not truly expert on this line of categorizing. Please do inform me and I truly appreciate to apply such correction (even with my grammars). Finally, we mostly welcome individuals from advertising/media or related medical fields who can contribute to our cause; those who are not really suffering from hyperhidrosis yet enthusiastic to share their precious time and effort.

We have so much to discover and share..

STAND AND BE COUNTED. Please log on the page where you are located and then post your comments.




See the beauty in you after watching this inspirational video..

An appeal to our fellow ETS side effects sufferers:

This friendship site is for all HH individuals whether with ETS or not,  no exception. This weblog has no intention whatsoever to impose guilt on the side effects brought by ETS surgery. In fact, we are here to embrace you; we are all struggling in the same HH boat, no exception. We are all affected at different levels, and devastated at varying degrees. Yet I am pretty sure we are all struggling for one big desire: freedom from suffering. 

In the eyes of our Creator, we are created equal. Each one of us, whatever the circumstances is, balances the entire wonderful force of life. We are all one with our Creator, we are not separate, and there is a reason. That is why I learned to accept that despite this condition, there lies the beauty in it.. I learned and accepted that we came forth with this condition as an advocate of unconditional love. That is, to accept and love us just the way we are..

This is the time of awakening and enlightenment. Let us come into a realization that we are all precious despite this condition; that freedom and wholeness really abounds; that we really have something to contribute to this force of life, just like the mystery of autistic and with cerebral palsy..

Let us get enlightened to the acceptance of our Creator…


QUICK FACTS: Hyperhidrosis  is a physical system DISORDER, anxiety associated with hyperhidrosis is a psychological STATE. The two are different, entirely separate. Anxiety is considered to be a reaction to a stressor. That means anxiety is related to HH as a situation perceived as uncontrollable or unavoidable. Anxiety is related to excessive sweating but not its origin or cause. Sweating seems uncontrollable while anxiety has a chance to be controlled. Getting psychological assessment or taking stress management and enlightenment course (such as this forum) will alleviate the anxiety. Address directly to anybody ‘pardon me, i have hyperhidrosis’. This is advantageous in two ways: to relieve the associated anxiety and to reinforce overall awareness.



BREAKING NEWS: My ETS Operation at PGH Manila- March 14, 2014

Admission – March 10, 2014
Operation – March 14, 2014
Discharge – March 18, 2014

Prior to admission, I prepared all the medical items required for operation all by myself. These are entirely under the sponsorship of PCSO and Senate Office.

Upon admission, the operation team asked for my watcher which I cannot provide; thus delaying the operation date.

I was brought to anesthesia and operation without a watcher. But when I woke up that night, I learned that a (female) watcher from Ang Dating Daan attended my operation.

The next day, I met my watcher. I thanked her and promised to see her at the worship service.

The night before my discharge, I experienced an enlightened moment of victory. While taking walk exercise alone and outside the ward, I was surrounded by a magnificent moonlight and felt oneness with Nature and the Creator.

Upon discharge, I proceeded immediately to OPD Rehabilitation to do something with the numbness of my left arm.

Although my surgeon advised only to take plenty of water, I also seek medical advise outside for my cough due to dryness and itchiness of my throat.

Significantly, my sweating moved to my legs and buttocks, which are favorable and generally manageable.
There still numbness in part of my left arm and hand. I continue taking supplements given by my Rehab doctor.
I also took back massage allowed by my doctor.
There still coughing, though it is not much now.
I am applying antibacterial ointment to my wounds.

Numbness significantly decreased; due to my persistent personal therapy.
Continuous ointment application to wounds.

Continuous personal therapy for my arm numbness.
Ointment application significantly decreased.
Coughing due to dry throat; water therapy and herbal lozenges.

Arm and hand numbness almost negligible.
No more coughing.