Its Time to Group

here is a reply which i wrote to a leading HH forum:

to Beverly,

here i am now, apart from our personal messaging.. :-) 

the last two replies are almost a year apart, and i am cheerful to find that i am following the one from yesterday.

quoting on the subject of this topic, i think emailing to US tv doctors is really not enough. there must be planning, organizing and action on a higher level. and as ‘dotolo’ mentioned, there are considerations that must be resolved along with this.

my suggestion:

1/ human nature respond to tangible entity. there must be a PHYSICAL group/organization of HH individuals, not only in chatrooms or forum. i know there is AA (alcoholics anonymous), autism centres, etc. there must be similar tangible HH groups.

there must be a way of PHYSICALLY grouping HH individuals. with internet as our tool, we can contact and coordinate our fellow to form HH group specific to our location. for example, there must be a physical HH organization in US (much better per states), in UK, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. That is why i tried to create a location-specific HH weblog; not just because for relief (there is such a great relief knowing you have a fellow HH in your same backyard), but also to make us more a reality and extended even to non-HH individuals.

2/ with a concrete HH group, we can surely coordinate with reputed surgeons/researchers to support our plight.

3/ with doctors on our side, we can now appeal to higher media.

we can now follow-up our appeal to Oprah, after exposure to Oprah then probably a documentary for BBC or CNN. then we can get the attention and action of WHO. then we can get the support of private firms to produce HH documentary film.

“think big, and your deeds will glow. think small, and you will fall behind. think that you can, and you will. it is all the state of mind.” (pravsworld)

give my regards to fearless Anne (saw your youtube and you are awesome). :-)


p.s. just like our favorite sci-fi characters X-MEN, we simply have to band together for strength..

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