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Stress Management: Anxiety and Hyperhidrosis

I feel upset whenever I visit other HH forums where sufferers feel more devastated from what cancer or AIDs or palsy, etc. patients are experiencing.

I would like everybody to know that I am embracing all my fellow HH friends because I myself has a palmo-plantar hyperhidrosis and I fully understand how they feel. But as I gain more understanding about this condition,  I tried to distinguish those things which I can control or change from those I cannot. From this stemmed out acceptance for the things we simply cannot control. This I believe is the better attitude to view hyperhidrosis in the right perspective.

Hyperhidrosis is a physical system DISORDER, anxiety (primarily fear of rejection) associated with hyperhidrosis is a psychological STATE. The two are different, entirely separate. Anxiety is considered to be a reaction to a stressor. That means anxiety is related to hyperhidrosis as a situation perceived as uncontrollable or unavoidable. Anxiety is related to excessive sweating but not its origin or cause. Sweating seems uncontrollable while anxiety has a chance to be controlled. Getting psychological assessment or taking stress management and enlightenment course (such as this forum) will alleviate the anxiety. [This forms a part of sticky homepage as a reminder.]

Anticipation and continuous claim of unwanted circumstances will indeed result to negative feeling and condition. Let us be reminded that what we attract will be our experience. It’s all the state of mind..

  1. David Cahissa
    April 30, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Hi, I’m David Cahisa and a couple of weeks ago came across your blog.
    I must say that feel very in common with what you say and share completely your feelings about our disorder, as you name it.
    A few years ago I had an operation of thoracic sympathectomy for facial hyperhidrosis. After suffering the discomforts of excessive compensatory sweating (in my case chest and back) and find no totally effective solution, I contacted with a textile engineer and developed a T-shirt to avoid being always wet and suffering the embarrassing sweat stains on clothing which, as you said, I could not control.
    Sweat leaves no trace because of the tissue from which the T-shirts are made and therefore people can feel the comfort of knowing that nobody around them notice it.
    For me and thousands of people that already use it is a relief because we can’t avoid sweating or control it but we have a garment that allows us to live better.

    Now, I can use any colour I want (not always black or white) and I don’t need to take spare clothes to change continuously.

    I encourage you, Centaurus, to visit the website http://www.sutran.es because I think that if you don’t know it already, it could be a good partner to your casual and work clothes as they are for me.

    Thank you for having started a blog like yours in which apart of sharing our personal experiences about hh we can talk about whatever we are interested in.

    Congrats for your last post, by the way, it’s all the state of mind… truly true.

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