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Saving Face

May 26, 2011 6 comments

Early last week, one of my Indian office mate (Abdulhamid) received a warning letter from our HR that he was untidy and smelly, and threatened to apply salary deduction. While sobbing, he showed the letter to me and mentioned that ‘this is your payoff for all the good things you tried to share and exerted to this company’. With caution I asked him if that was true. He directly told me that he cannot avoid it because he has a sweating problem. Gosh.. only then I knew that somebody right there from our office share the same sweating problem like me!..

Immediately I told to Abdulhamid not to lose his composure; and assured him that I myself will assist in solving this issue. It’s really a long time I tried to bypass my office mates’ negative comments about this condition. Now this is such a relief for me to validate acceptance of our situation.

I wrote a separate e-mail addressed to our Administration and HR manager that they are wrong in labeling Abdulhamid as ‘untidy’. Aside from telling them that their accusation has nothing to do with his work performance, I told them that he did not choose to experience being untidy; in fact he cannot avoid being untidy because of his sweating problem. I told them that he has body and axillary hyperhidrosis, while I have palmo-plantar hyperhidrosis.. Finally i emphasized to them that they have no idea how we suffered trying to adjust with┬áthis condition.

After that, I informed to Abdulhamid what I did. I waited if the HR will call us for further reprimand but interestingly, the week almost passed and we never heard anything from them. I asked Abdulhamid for anything and said he never heard anything also, neither the HR opened the topic again as if nothing was circulated..

Whether they will accept us or not, what really matter is understanding the condition which can be possible only by raising the issue into public awareness. An understanding that life has imperfections; but the way we live makes it perfectly wonderful. And a trust that if the situation is beyond our control, we can rest assured with our Creator who has the total control of everything when he said “be still and know that I am the Lord..” I encourage you to please share your similar experiences to reinforce all of us.