The Philippines is a diverse country just like Singapore, making the country more of a Salad bowl. Every foreigner that has stepped in its history has taken the Asian identity of the Filipinos. People in the big cities, such as Manila, may seem heavily Westernized. However, many people from the city do come from rural areas and are still deeply rooted to traditional Filipino ways. Tribal people do their best to maintain their heritage and culture despite the unavoidable influence of modern western culture, travelling remote places and meeting tribes and experiencing their culture and heritage is the best way to see how the Filipinos lived before the arrival of the Spanish. Filipino culture can be seen in the Tinikling dance which also shows distinctive influence from the Indonesians, the dance is mistakenly known as the national dance because of its popularity, the dance is demonstrated by two or more people holding two or more bamboo sticks known as Kawayan, then they start moving the bamboo sticks as the dancers put their foot in between the bamboo sticks quickly out and in. Kamayan, a literal meaning for eating with hands, try this while in the Philippines , to experience the Filipino way of eating.

The Filipinos have also retained their animistic ways. Many believe heavily in the presence of spirits and existence of ghouls, elves, and spirits in nature. Some Filipinos are also deeply religious and devout people. Regardless of your own beliefs, as a visitor, observance of religious rules and respect for the Filipinos beliefs will be greatly appreciated.



The Philippines has two official languages: English and Filipino. Filipino is mainly based on the Tagalog language (a relative of Malay) but it has borrowed thousands of loanwords from Spanish. It has also been influenced by English, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages mostly from the Indian subcontinent and Europe. The history of Tagalog is that it was formerly the Javanese language which was brought by the Indonesians in moving to the archipelago, the language dramatically change in trading with other countries and during the Spanish colonial times, to this day the language is dominated by Spanish loanwords which is helpful for some Spanish people and which is also the reason why some Filipinos understand a little Spanish. In addition, as Malay and Filipino are closely related, speakers of Malay would also recognise many cognates in the Filipino language. Generally, somebody who speaks Malay and Spanish would be able to understand the conversations of locals to a certain extent, and might just be able to get by.
English is an official language of the Philippines and is a compulsory subject in all schools, so it is widely spoken in the larger cities and main tourist areas. However, it is usually not the first language of choice for locals. Tourists won’t have problems using English when making inquiries from commercial and government establishments. A few simple phrases in Filipino will come in handy when traveling to rural places as English proficiency is limited there. Taglish is spoken nowadays by the urban youth, it is a mix of Tagalog and English, an example is shown below:
  • Taglish:  How are you na? Ok naman ako.
  • Engish: How are you? I’m ok.
(source: Wikitravel)
  1. lilzvoid
    June 29, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    hello….just call me lilzvoid…i came across this weblog via the experience project. thank you knowell…i have hyperhidrosis…unlike yours, mine is all over the body…it occurs whenever i feel anxious…during job interviews, social gatherings or even harmless animated or heated conversations…what’s more embarrassing is the facial blushing and the appearance of massive redness on my neck and chest…most of the time i wear printed tops and black slacks just to hide the sweat marks…and most of the time i like closed neck tops too so that the redness will not be noticed…this abnormality is forever a part of me…i can’t do anything because i’m scared of the ets surgery…i’m a spiritual person…but i still can’t cope with this because it ruins my life….i can’t get the job i want because i got anxious that my sweat attacks will show during job interviews…i don’t attend social gatherings for fear of being laughed at when the sweat shows even in fully airconditioned rooms…but…i can’t hide anymore…i need to have a life….all i can do is accept this….i’m appreciative though…i still have normal friends who accept me for who i am…i just hope and pray that normal people would understand and accept our kind…i pray that they will treat us fairly and not laugh at our medical anomaly…

    • June 30, 2011 at 1:52 pm

      to lilzvoid:

      many thanks for granting my request to post your experience here. knowing that we are very much at the same age range, i can reply to you with a degree of confidence that you will understand..

      i know it is very difficult not only with Filipinos but for most of us with HH to narrate publicly our painful experiences brought by this condition. we are extremely traumatized and made FEAR OF REJECTION the larger part of our life. i myself know very well that i lost a lot socially, to the point of concluding that i had be a better person without this condition. but in reality this only lead us to hate and disempower our own self.

      i realized that the more i feel and conclude that i am inadequate with this condition, the more i become hopeless and weaker. but deep inside my gut (which seems to be subtly active) is insisting that i really don’t like being hopeless and weaker. with all this traumatic experiences brought by this condition, something ‘bigger’ is shouting inside me and telling me what is truly ‘real’..

      i saw a clip of an autistic child at the height of his tantrum. his temper raised because an elder carefully move him away from a probable danger. but the thing is, the child has no perception of even a slight danger. they live entirely in perception of awe and wonder.

      if you saw the clip of Nick a no-arms no-legs guy at the homepage, would you not ask how can he possibly share his overflowing laughter with others..

      the truth is, WE ARE ALL TRAUMATIZED BECAUSE WE CHOSE TO. this is very hard to accept for all of us who were born in the environment of right and wrong (judgment).

      we are fixated on the ‘reality’ of rejection: that we are loathsome on this condition, that we are incapacitated, that our social stance is a failure, and so on. we became defensive to the extreme of isolating ourselves so as not to harm the ‘ego’ which we created and nurtured. this ego that thrives in a judgmental environment is the one distorting our perception and creates anxiety to us.

      i come to a realization that we HH sufferers (and similar health conditions) are forerunners of liberation from ego and unconditional love. this requires a lot of discernment and understanding because we are based in a world where detachment from judgment is so hard.

      feel deep in your gut what you really want from this condition to begin with. that will be primarily freedom. from there this ego intervene and contradicts. the latter is our false self. the former is our Real one..

      apart from worrying if the over-the-counter remedy for excessive sweating we got is effective, i firmly believe more effort needs to be focused on ACKNOWLEDGING OUR TRUE INNER SELF – what we really want and what we really value. because from there stems the effective relief; from there the rest will be more relieving.

      this is my ultimate desire in this blog – i am looking forward with my fingers crossed that all of us HH and ETS sufferers will realize this enlightenment; and that we evolve and shine with the rest of humanity.

  2. k
    November 21, 2011 at 6:32 am

    hi everyone,

    i just like to share It’s a study i found in the internet while searching for news onHH. . It is a good read and I really did relate to what it says especially on the psychological aspects of the study . has anyone here tried or considering to do botox ,sympathectomy or any other treatment? what treatments are you doing for your HH? I have been seeing a dermatologist for my palmoplantar HH and she put me into a antiperspirant solution regimen for so many months now. Still there is no change in my condition . k, 37 here in manila. I have posted a comment here a few months ago but I couldn’t find it now.

  3. November 21, 2011 at 11:43 am

    hello mr. k..

    thanks for sharing your research.. a truly informative article about hyperhidrosis for all kabayans.

    i tried botox for palms and feet before; it is painful and also will not last.

    please DO NOT attempt any hyperhidrosis surgery (u described it as sympathectomy), it will only worsen your condition.

    let me refresh you with your last comment; it was directly under ‘Who Am I and What is This Weblog All About’ post. Go to Archives and under March 2011 you will see this post and also your comments. I also replied to you there which you were unable to reply. replying here is much better if you want to get in touch to more Filipinos because this page is location-specific.

    always look on the brighter side whatever.. 🙂

  4. Neymar
    November 28, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I’m very glad to see this blog site, which means that I’m not alone! BDW I’m Neymar 25yrs old from Mindanao and a father of 2. I have HH ever since but started to get worse when i was in high school. I actually tried the treatment were you use battery and water but got no luck. I was looking for a home remedy and most blogs are telling that Sage is very effective but the main problem is the availability of it here in the Philippines. Any suggestions? also I would like to add you guys on FB so that we can discuss and share thoughts about this.

    Face your fear!!

    • January 21, 2014 at 3:31 pm

      Glad to hear from you Neymar..

      I tried also that “battery’ you are referring.. it is iontophoresis method. i have also that gadget, but i stopped using now because the sweating will come back soon..

      Anyway do not lose hope..Always remember that you are not alone.. if you are coming here in manila write to me at and lets see if we can meet here..

      God bless and good luck.

  5. Anneknown
    March 10, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    The more anxious we get, the more HH we’ll get.. Can’t help to stop myself feeling anxious especially when I’m socializing with my friends. My hands and my feet do have its own brain that will heavily sweat when I’m surrounded by people. It feels that the people around me are actually looking into my hands from time to time and that contribute a lot to my sweat hands and feet..

    This condition of mine, also contribute from inhibit myself to my choice of profession as a ‘Nurse’. I’m so embarrassed when I’m handling patient that requires hand to hand contact.
    I’m hoping that someday, we will all get through in this condition. And live normally without our best friend ‘Handkerchief’ beside us. 

    • February 17, 2016 at 7:31 pm

      I sympathized with you. You have to decide what is the best solution for you. If botox is ok, then go for it.. If iontopheresis is ok for you, then use it..

  6. March 18, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Hello anneknown..
    How old are u .. are u pursuing your career as Nurse.. where are u practicing..
    don’t get too much upset.. are u trying for some remedy.. which do u prefer now.. do you want some particular advise..

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