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My ETS Operation at PGH Manila- March 14, 2014

April 7, 2014 16 comments


Admission – March 10, 2014

Operation  – March 14, 2014

Discharge   – March 18, 2014


Prior to admission, I prepared all the medical items required for operation all by myself. These are entirely under the sponsorship of PCSO and Senate Office.


Upon admission, the operation team asked for my watcher which I cannot provide; thus delaying the operation date.


I was brought to anesthesia and operation without a watcher. But when I woke up that night, I learned that a (female) watcher from Ang Dating Daan attended my operation.


The next day, I met my watcher. I thanked her and promised to see her at the worship service.


The night before my discharge, I experienced an enlightened moment of victory. While taking walk exercise alone and outside the ward, I was surrounded by a magnificent moonlight and felt oneness with Nature and the Creator.


Upon discharge, I proceeded immediately to OPD Rehabilitation to do something with the numbness of my left arm.


Although my surgeon advised only to take plenty of water, I also seek medical advise outside for my cough due to dryness and itchiness of my throat.



Significantly, my sweating moved to my legs and buttocks, which are favorable and generally manageable.

There still numbness in part of my left arm and hand. I continue taking supplements given by my Rehab doctor.

I also took back massage allowed by my doctor.

There still coughing, though it is not much now.

I am applying antibacterial ointment to my wounds.



Numbness significantly decreased; due to my persistent personal therapy.

Continuous ointment application to wounds.



Continuous personal therapy for my arm numbness.

Ointment application significantly decreased.

Coughing due to dry throat; water therapy and herbal lozenges.



Arm and hand numbness almost negligible.

No more coughing.



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support VSB TV programme

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

in line with our HH awareness campaign, i would like you to support for their nomination to a new TV programme. please click the link below and email the makers of the tv programme and tell them about all the good work that VSB is doing and how much we would all benefit from this help and raising of awareness.

stand and be counted and help us to achieve our dream.

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