Lebanon is populated by a very open and highly educated people. They are known for their love of life, generosity and wild spirit. They tend to neglect regulation and insist on respecting all others.

Lebanon had once been called Switzerland and Paris of the East. The recent wars have diminished this status but the Lebanese have always acted in unexpected ways. Their pursuit of happiness and fun overshadows their financial capabilities and political problems.


The official language of Lebanon is Arabic. The Lebanese dialect is similar to other Arabic dialects, like those of Syria and Jordan. However, the Lebanese dialect of Arabic is very different from some other dialects, particularly the dialects from Arabic Gulf countries.

Many Lebanese are bilingual and even trilingual. English and, to a lesser extent French, are widely spoken and understood and street and place signs are in both Arabic (first) and French (second), because of Lebanon’s period as a French mandated territory after the First World War. English is increasingly more widely used, especially in the cities, and among the younger crowd. Most young people will understand English and sometimes French, the latter being more prevalent among the older generations. Generally, signs and outdoors are written in at least two languages Arabic and English and/or French.

(source: Wikitravel)

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