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Why We Don’t Protect the Bullied

December 22, 2011 1 comment

Ever experienced being bullied because of your sweating condition? By far this I believe is the worst to happen if you have hyperhidrosis. And if you are not prepared and get more anxious how to handle the situation, you might resort to an action that is totally unsatisfactory and will aggravate your condition further. That is why complete understanding of your condition and constant dose of inspirations and enlightenment is so important.

According to an article, the two most common reason why others ”don’t care’ are:  1/ individuals do not feel pressure to take action in the presence of other people and  2/ people have a tendency to behave in socially acceptable ways.

Bear this in mind in case somebody will verbally attack or bully you while others remain as bystanders. You need a little understanding how they work mentally.

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