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Ten Tips to Success

March 23, 2011 1 comment


Here are tips to  success. See which areas you are weak and start applying it:

10 Steps To Success

1. Self-Belief: Success begins in the mind. One has to be a believer first. If one wishes to be an achiever, never underestimate yourself. You have no idea how often can you surprise yourself. So to begin with, let’s get in the belief, “I can”.

2. Clarity of Vision: There is no point running without knowing where one wants to reach. You must get your job cut out. Greatest achievers in the world have been visionaries. Know exactly what you are best at and give it your best shot.

3. Setting the Right Goals: The goals should be realistic. The goals should be achievable, and yet challenging enough – neither too easy nor too difficult – something in the middle.

4. Be Focused: If the sun’s ray are focused on a piece of paper with a lens, the intensity of the concentrated energy burns the paper. Focus on your objective will enhance the intensity of the effects of your efforts.

5. No Shortcuts to Success: There are no shortcuts to success. Divide your overall goals into smaller targets. Divide your monthly plans into weekly and weekly plans into daily plans and see how simple can things be.

6. Take Risks: Without any risk no progress is possible. Life comes to a stable standstill. People who take chances are the people who get ahead in life. The only way to reduce risk is to take risks.

7. Take the Initiative: People who take the initiative make the most of their lives. Proactive people do not wait for success to happen; rather they make it happen. As they say, “JUST DO IT”.

8. Never Hesitate to Struggle: No one has ever climbed a mountain just by looking at it. Struggle, hard struggle, is the key to success.

9. Own Responsibility: Failure to hit the bull’s eye is never the fault of the target. People, who own complete responsibility of their lives, are the people who make the most of it.

10. Never Give Up: Many people who failed in life, where those who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Success demands extraordinary amount of  perseverance. Never, never, give up.

(source: Pravsworld)